RLI partnered with the new Leadstar Ethio-American school in Shashemene, Ethiopia to test our first school in Africa. Some of our Cast & Crew traveled there in the summer of 2016 for a segment of their on-the-job training. We interviewed 85 young Ethiopian musicians, artists, dancers and theater people and chose 20 to join us in our first training events with 75 delightful children.

HOST - Our host was Dr. Gemechis Buba, founder of LTV Africa, Leadstar University and national television personality who teaches 17,000,000 Ethiopians each week via satellite and online. 

Future projects and testing in Ethiopia are under consideration.


The RICH Learning Ethiopia team dance their joy outside the African National Congress building. They were invited as front row guests to hear Dr. Gemechis Buba address the assembly.
Dr. Rich Melheim, founder of RICH Learning, gives an overview of the Ethiopian pilot project.
The RICH Learning Ethiopia team sings at the opening of Leadstar Satellite Network.
The RICH Learning Ethiopia team sing "I am brave, I can do it" in Oromo and Amharic.
The children of Shashamane perform the song "Emu" at their closing RICH Learning show.
Dr. Rich enjoys learning the number 8 with a child at Leadstar school in Shashamane.
RICH Learning teachers lead the learning in song at the beginning of the day.