Brain-based learning on arts-based platforms.

RICH Learning International (RLI) is a Minnesota 501(c )(3) non-profit founded by educational systems pioneer Dr. Rich Melheim and educational funding pioneer Dr. William C. Nelson, former CEO of The mission of RLI is to provide “access to excellence” in early education by creating brain-based learning on arts-based platforms.

RLI is looking for young American musicians, artists, dancers and theater types to work nationally and internationally to birth a new international movement of early education, friendship and literacy. Applications are being accepted now for the summer and 2017-18 school year. Applications can be found here. Cast & Crew will be selected and notified of acceptance on a rolling basis. The earlier you submit your application, the better your chances of selection for this opportunity. Staff training begins in Minneapolis in June and runs through the summer. Part of the training will include a series of summer arts camps in the US and abroad. The full school year begins in September 2017 and runs through June 2018. 

All expenses are paid, including travel, food, lodging, visas and a monthly stipend. 


With advisers and network partners from Harvard to Hollywood and Bollywood to Beijing, RICH Learning embeds core educational concepts and practices in a unique blend of music, dance, theater and art.

RICH Learning methods, models and materials are designed to be both delightfully fun and surprisingly effective for children's education. They are detailed in the book RICH Learning, by Dr. Rich Melheim. The first pilot schools were created in Minnesota. The project expanded to India, Ethiopia and South Carolina in 2015-16. China, Egypt and other countries are next on the pilot program list.

Applications, job descriptions and a pdf of the detailed schedule for the 2017-2018 year can be downloaded at For additional information, contact

What is RICH Learning?

This is RICH Learning.

RICH Learning: Brain-based Learning on Arts-based Platforms