Carolina 2020

Watch 4-year-old Miguel spell (starting at 1:25) and four weeks later (at 11:57).

We’ve harnessed muscle memory, ASL, music, dance and art to get these results.

Summer 2020 might seem like a long, long way away, but if you know any talented and passionate young adults with gifts in music/dance/theater/art looking for a fun and meaningful paid internship, jump over and join the RICH Learning International* Facebook Group and follow what we're doing this year in the rural south.

In the rural south, children often fall behind in the summer. Lack of enriching activities, lack of food security, and lack of brain-stimulating joy often send them to school in September behind their peers. Our goal is to send them back enriched, engaged and raring to go - with both academic gains and social-emotional skills that the arts can provide better than any "sit and learn" class.

*Carolina 2020 is sponsored by the South Carolina Synod-ELCA, local churches and community leaders, and RICH Learning International, a MN 501c3 dedicated to enriching the lives of the littlest of the little and the poorest of the poor.

Applications for positions of music, dance, theater and art cast and crew will appear on this site on January 1.